Scientific Program

Scientific Program 2018-01-24T09:19:44+00:00

See and download the program here (Status: Draft – Date: 08/01/2018)

Confirmed Speakers

Wed 23, 10:00 · Plenary Opening Lecture

Stanley Prusiner (to be confirmed)
Stanley Prusiner (to be confirmed)University of California San Francisco

Wed 23, 11:30 · Session: Animal prion diseases

Chair & Participants:

CHAIR: Juan María Torres
CHAIR: Juan María TorresCISA, Madrid
Sylvie Benestad
Sylvie BenestadNorwegian Veterinary Institute, Oslo
Rosa Bolea
Rosa BoleaUniversity of Zaragoza

Thu 24, 9:00 · Round table: The structure of PrPSc

Chair & Participants:

CHAIR: Jesús R. Requena
CHAIR: Jesús R. RequenaUniversity of Santiago de Compostela
Ilia Baskakov
Ilia BaskakovUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore
Byron Caughey
Byron CaugheyNIH, Hamilton
Witold Surewicz
Witold SurewiczCase Western Reserve University, Cleveland
Holger Wille
Holger WilleUniversity of Alberta, Edmonton

Thu 24, 11:30 · Session: Structure and basic biology of PrPSc and other mammalian, yeast and fungal prions

Sven Saupe
Sven SaupeIGBC-CNRS, Bordeaux

Thu 24, 14:15 · Round table: Aβ, tau, synuclein… are they prions, prion-like proteins, or what?

Chair & Participants:

CHAIR: Mathias Jucker
CHAIR: Mathias JuckerDZNE, Tuebingen
Adriano Aguzzi
Adriano AguzziUniversity of Zurich
Claudio Soto
Claudio SotoUniversity of Texas, Houston

Fri 25, 9:00 · Round table: Prion therapy: where do we stand?

Chair & Participants:

CHAIR: Joaquín Castilla
CHAIR: Joaquín CastillaCIC bioGUNE, Bilbao
John Collinge
John CollingeUniversity College, London
Kurt Giles
Kurt GilesUniversity of California, San Francisco
Fabrizio Tagliavini
Fabrizio TagliaviniCarlo Besta Institute, Milan
Kenta Teruya
Kenta TeruyaTohoku University

Fri 25, 12:00 · Session: CJD International Support Association

Suzanne Solvyns
Suzanne SolvynsCJDISA