The CJD International Support Alliance (CJDISA) was established in 2006 after a vision of global support for patients and families affected by prion disease. The 5 founding members, CJD Foundation (USA), the CJD Support Group Network (Australia), CJD Insight (USA), CJD Support Network (Japan) and the CJD Support Network (UK), have expanded and now consists of 16 patient organisation covering 15 countries.

We are extremely happy to announce and welcome our newest patient association, CJD Spanish Association to the alliance:

Although the patient support organisations vary in size and structure all have passionate and dedicated people who are personally affected by prion diseases, offering an outreached arm to others affected by all forms of this devastating disease.

Together as one voice, our hope is for a treatment or cure. We thank the dedicated researchers and experts who form the Friends and Advisors Group of the CJD International Support Alliance for the help and expert advice they provide to the member organisations of the CJDISA.